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KRYOGA, which stands for Master Kamal’s Rhythmic YOGA is one of the world’s most unique and ultimate yoga system that is gaining popularity in Asia and around the world. It is an ART Of MINDFUL LIVING.

Specifically designed and created by Sri Srinivas Suresh Kamal (Master Kamal), who is also the founder of Planet Yoga (Hong Kong’s most popular yoga centre),
KRYOGA consists of an exclusive and extensive selection of yoga classes that are unique for their flow, for strengthening and toning of the body as well as for developing strong abdominal muscles, arms and legs.

Suitable for all ages and gender,
KRYOGA is only taught by specially selected KRYOGA certified yoga teachers at KRYOGA (in Singapore) and at Planet Yoga centres (in Hong Kong and in Bangkok). KRYOGA emphasizes in being broad minded, in being joyful, in being balanced, in being centered in whatever you do. Each class consists of movements (asanas) that are done with ease, love, and joy while observing our emotions in motion - meditation in motion - that leads to mastering the “Art of Mindfulness” - the highest of all yoga.

Master Kamal personally created and designed this unique style of yoga system after more than 20 years of experience in yoga and other fields of sports and fitness, including martial arts and karate.

For more information on
KRYOGA, please visit www.kryogaworld.com.
About Master Kamal

born, Hong Kong based Master Kamal  who has been practicing  Yoga since age 5,  is an exceptional  and    a  Internationally  acclaimed Yoga Master, bringing  his unique philosophy  to enthusiasts  all over Asia.   Compact and charismatic, Master Kamal ‘s perfectly formed body graces scores of billboards  in Hong Kong,  his smile has become a mainstay  of  magazines and  is Hong Kong’s first  “New Age Wonder”  and is  the pioneer in bringing yoga into limelight throughout Asia.

He brings in fresh perspective to a  5000 years old ancient art - YOGA!

An accomplished Yogi, who  had the good fortune  of  been trained  by  world’s  great masters in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga of  PATANJALI, Raja Yoga and  Kundalini Yoga  , brings in wealth  of experience  and  background  to his position as the Founder and Director of  Planet Yoga.   Housed in the Central, Hong Kong   which  covers  five floors  of yoga in the sleek Silver Fortune Tower. He also has many branches in the kingdom of Thailand. Now ‘Planet yoga by Master Kamal is acclaimed to be No.1 having largest number of yoga centers in the World’. Master Kamal  is  the Yoga phenomenon. , who has studied the highest “Himalayan Tradition” under the direct guidance of Swami Veda Bharati, Rishikesh,  India. He was initiated by 'Mahamandaleswara' Swami Veda Bharati (who is well known for his Vedic knowledge and second highest to Adi Shankaracharya) of Rishikesh, Himalayas,India.

Master Kamal’s own physical, mental and spiritual training   began very early with his father, Late Dr. Raj Kamal.  Apart from his interest in Karate, Gymnastics and Martial arts, Yoga had a significant influence and it remained an abiding passion.  He proved his expertise in training children, when he trained M.S. Sailaja (10yrs) in Limbo skating, who skated her way into the 'Guinness Book of World Records (1990)' and baby Kokila (3yrs) as the Youngest Black Belt, who entered the 'Indian Book of World Records' (1996). He too made is way into ing the ‘Indian book of World records’ (1996) as the first Indian to break 6 strongest cuddapah (stronger than marbel) stones witht one stroke of his hand.
He   strongly  relies on  his own  practice  and intuition  to influence his teaching    and  has designed  and orchestrated  the construction of a unique system of teaching Yoga -
Kryoga (Kamal’s Rhythmic Yoga) - the art of mindful living.

Has been a featured presenter internationally giving Courses, Seminars and conducting Workshops. His teachings have spread to the Fitness and Yoga Centers around Asian countries and USA. His innovative body mind techniques and robust sense of humor has helped Celebrities, actors, models, Corporate Executives achieve serenity and good health.  His     compassion, wealth of knowledge and mindfulness earned through his years of practice and teaching, has created a Yoga boom in Asia.

Master Kamal has contributed articles to International Yoga magazines, and have appeared numerous times on television network in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong and in varied   Newspapers and In-flight magazines like Discovery Magazines and the Silk Road.  Now, the world renowned   Master Kamal is  featured in his first DVD ‘Passion of Yoga 1,2 & 3 series, the Power of Prana and the Power of Sun’ ,  an instructional  DVD which  guides through  a rejuvenating flow of postures, breathing, concentration and meditation techniques.

Master Kamal has appeared in the First ever 60 episodes TV programmed “Yoga for All” in the UBC 97, Money Channel, Thailand.

Master Kamal’s unique system of teaching is loved by the young and old alike. His ability of Yoga to cleanse the mind and body brings in the “feel good factor” and his teachings are universal and have changed people’s lives for the betterment of humanity.

Recently, Master Kamal received a great accolade by being listed as one of the world’s top nine eminent yoga masters in a newly published book titled “The Great Indian Yoga Masters” that was launched in London in mid-2008. He was the youngest yoga master in the list.

For more information, visit www.masterkamal.com.
Master Kamal
Bachelor of Arts
Indian record holder
Fitness Leader (1998), FISAF
Fitness Instructor (1999), SSC, Singapore.

Awards & Titles
'Yoga Bhismachary'
'Best Master' (1987)
'Master of Games' (1986)