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Yvette Tee
Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Yvette is a professional, independent and inspiring Yoga and Meditation Teacher with over 16 years of experience. Her teaching style combines a practical approach to yoga with doses of spiritual wisdom and a strong emphasis on mindfulness and self-awareness.

Since 2004, Yvette has taught almost 10,000 yoga classes to local and international practitioners and has hosted numerous meditation sessions and workshops. Her yoga repertoire ranges from gentle hatha yoga classes for beginners, to advance and more challenging and creative vinyasa flows for advance practitioners.
Yvette’s students come from all walks of life, ranging from budding teenagers and young working executives to heads of industries, high-profile personalities, full-time mothers, sports and fitness enthusiasts and active retirees.
Yvette teaches part-time at True Yoga (since 2007) and has long-term corporate clientele, including Apple’s Asia Pacific HQ, AVIVA and BP. Yvette also offers individually tailored private yoga classes, yoga and meditation workshops and overseas retreats.

Yvette’s Accolades:
•In May 2017, Yvette was voted as Asia’s top 3 Best Yoga Instructors at the inaugural Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017

•In April 2017, Yvette led a guided meditation session for the public at the Esplanade during the ninth edition of A Tapestry of Sacred Music.

•In 2016, Yvette successfully conducted meditation workshops at APPLE and facebook’s S.E. Asia’s headquarters based in Singapore

•In 2015, Yvette was a panellist speaker at an ANZA Professional Series Health and Wellness Seminar hosted by AON and Urban Remedy

•In 2014, Standard Chartered Bank engaged Yvette to give a private yoga class to their high-end clients in Manila, the Philippines

•In 2013, Yvette represented True Yoga to successfully lead an unprecedented group of 800 yoga practitioners at a SHAPE Yoga event at Bishan Park

•In 2012, the Singapore Entrepreneurs (EO) Organisation engaged Yvette at an EO retreat to teach and share about the history of yoga in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

•In 2011, the Singapore Government engaged Yvette to conduct a high-level and closed-door yoga event in Singapore for government officials

•In 2010, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) engaged Yvette to lead a public outdoor yoga class to promote Earth Hour at the Esplanade Park

•In 2006, Yvette was engaged by an internationally renowned luxury hotel to provide yoga consultancy and expertise on their yoga and wellness services in their hotels worldwide

•Throughout the years, numerous large and international conglomerates have engaged Yvette to host yoga workshops for high-level senior executives and clientele, including Shell, Standard Chartered Bank, Volvo and AVIVA.
As a teacher, Yvette is warm, sincere, and inspiring. Her yoga and meditation classes are fun, engaging and effective with a strong focus on promoting self-awareness and raising the human consciousness. Even to-date, Yvette regularly participates in advance yoga and meditation programs around the world to deepen her knowledge and experience on yoga.

Between 2008 to 2013, Yvette was regularly featured on Channel News Asia’s (CNA) AM Live Show and has also appeared in numerous print and broadcast media, including CNA Prime Time Morning, Channel 8, The Straits Times, Millionaire Asia, SHAPE, Simply Her, ICON, Silver Lining, Spin Asia, www.intheloop.com.sg www.intheloop.com.sg and many others.

Website: www.yogawithyvette.com

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Yogawithyvettetee?ref=bookmarks