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"After doing Meditation Made Simple with Yvette, I realised that Meditation is simple and easy to practice and not as complicated as I thought. I appreciate the fact that I can create my own inner reality and choose to have good thoughts, no matter where and what the situation is. Yvette is very personable and her teachings are easy to understand. The stories helped and she related to her real life experiences as well. That connected her well with her student and she was sufficiently confident to show her vulnerability that made it a comfortable and trusting teaching environment. I would certainly recommend this to my friends and loved ones. "
~ Majmin Ismail (Private student)

"I have learnt many things from Meditation Made Simple (MMS) and my greatest lesson is on happiness. I have begun to realise that happiness is all around us, each and every single day. By using a few simple techniques daily, we can be calm, happy, wise and contented. MMS also prepares us for rainy days in our lives. After attending this workshop with Yvette, I firmly believe that I can survive any stormy weather now. MMS creates a solid platform for grounding ourselves and for achieving instantaneous happiness. I have received invaluable wisdom, lessons and knowledge in this workshop and would highly recommend it to anyone. Yvette is not only a good teacher - she is also very charismatic, inspiring and delivers well. My $350 was money well spent. My only regret is not having done this earlier."
~Claris Goh

"Yvette is a good teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I have learnt many things in Meditation Made Simple, including how to be positive and grateful for everythingregardless of the situation. I have also picked up valuable tools on how to maintain a peaceful and calm mind. Instead of being emotional, I have now developed the ability to take a step back to solve a problem. I would like to thank Yvette for this workshop and the insights that she has shared with us on how to be happy. Her instructions were clear and systematic. My husband has also noticed that I am more positive and happier after the course. I will continue to practice the techniques taught in this workshop and enjoy the benefits."
~Michelle Lim

After attending Meditation Made Simple, I have learnt the importance of letting go. I have realised that it is impossible to control my external world and likewise I should not let it control my emotions and affect my reality. Now, I try and meditate in the mornings and nights so that I start and end everyday in a positive state of mind. I would totally recommend this workshop to everyone that I know and like to thank Yvette for being such an amazing teacher. The workshop was well-paced and the techniques she taught us were simple and easy to integrate into our everyday lives. Prior to MMS, I always thought that mediation was difficult and boring. Post-MMS, I realised that if we apply the right techniques and tools, everyone can meditate. Sometimes, all we need is a guide and a prod in the right direction. Thank you Yvette, for being my guide and of course the prod.
~Wan-pin Kim

“Meditation Made Simple was inspiring and I felt rejuvenated and re-invigorated in my mind and body.  Yvette has a fountain of knowledge and her passion shows in the way she presents and with depth. She is very genuine and caring and the environment of the workshop was nurturing, warm and loving. Yvette has given all the tools that are needed to create a life filled with joy, love and peace in a simple way with a lot of fun and good humour thrown in.  It was a wonderful experience and I gained a lot of new and useful information which I am applying in my life already.
~Mary Ng

“Meditation can give you that which nothing else can give you. It introduces you to yourself.”
~ Swami Rama