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“Prior to learning meditaton from Yvette, I had tried meditation without success through online programs and whilst on a detox in Thailand. My mum has terminal cancer and in order to cope, I decided to take up private meditation sessions with Yvette, through a friend's recommendation.

Within four weeks, I noticed that I have come a long way and am able to sustain a minimum of 15 mins meditation every morning and before sleep. I now also fully understand how and why meditation helps me.

Yvette was incredibly generous with her knowledge. The sessions helped me to accept my mother's mortality and that is a massive real life changer for me. I am also thinking more positively and am extremely grateful for all the blessings in my life.

Unfortunately, on the day of my flight to the UK to see my mum, I was rushed into hospital for an emergency gall bladder removal. I was on my own as my husband was traveling. Thankfully, I used my new found wisdom and mindfulness to remain calm and to overcome my feelings of fear and doubt.

I also had another incredible experience whilst in ICU when my legs were shaking uncontrollably and I was in a danger of going into shock. I used another technique that Yvette taught me and could literally feel my mind controlling my body, making me calmer. All very powerful stuff.

Before meeting Yvette, my biggest fear was falling apart and not knowing how to cope with my life’s challenges. Of course there were times when it was not all plain sailing but I now feel more in control, which is extraordinarily comforting. Meditation is a journey that I am discovering and becoming better at with regular practice.

Thank you Yvette, for such a precious gift, that you have shared with me.”
~ Julie Williams

“Yvette was instrumental in getting me prepared both mentally and physically to attempt Mount Everest in 2014.  On the hike in to Everest Base Camp, and while there attempting to climb the mountain, Yvette's yoga stretching and meditation techniques were a critical part of my daily routine.  This photo taken in Pheirche, Nepal with Ama Dablam in the background.  With gratitude.
~ Brooks Entwistle
“Meditation can give you that which nothing else can give you. It introduces you to yourself.”
~ Swami Rama