Real-life Testimonials:

"Yvette's teaching creates enduring harmony between mind, body and soul - her classes are awesome.   She is full of energy and her passion for yoga is addictive ... I feel blessed to be one of her students." ~ Jeremy Lester

"I have been practicing yoga for 12 years but only discovered Yvette's classes in 2014 which I now look forward to every week. She brings such positive energy, creativity and lightness to her classes, and each session is a unique combination of dynamic vinyasa poses and inspiring teachings that are so good for the body and mind. Yvette encourages, motivates and enlightens her students, and is a wonderful practitioner with a pure passion for yoga and its application to everyday life." ~ Belina Weckx

“Yvette has an amazing ability to tailor our private classes to suit my needs and preferences.  Her experience and in-depth knowledge of yoga is highly reassuring, and she inspires us with her strength and vitality. Yvette’s passion in meditation is a great complement to her yoga expertise, and her classes are always a perfect tune up for my mind and body.” ~ Grace Goh

"Yvette is awesome!  She is an amazing yoga teacher and a wonderful human being." ~ Greg Schuett

“Yvette’s yoga classes are fun, spontaneous, free-spirited and creative! As a teacher, Yvette is charismatic and has a strong presence in her yoga and meditation classes. She totally engages us with her humour and fine selection of music that flows and blends well with every sequence. A mediocre teacher instructs, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates but a great teacher inspires. And that’s simply Yvette." ~ Claris Goh

"Yvette's yoga classes are nothing less than self-transformational. She clearly shows how yoga not only re-shapes the body, but the mind as well. For me, such changes have led to increased awareness and self-confidence. Yvette's class is the highlight of my week!" ~ Raveen Bharvani

“Yvette’s classes are dynamic, powerful yet peaceful. She is an inspiring and encouraging teacher that regularly promotes total concentration and mindfulness in our practice. Yvette’s classes are a perfect combination of many important things – good health, exercise, concentration, mindfulness and determination. It took me a long time to find someone like her.” ~ Cristina Costa

“A modern fusion of power and softness, a perfect blend of firmness and flexibility. You stretch your imagination with both your body and mind along with Yvette's rhythmic, warm and  inspiring instruction. I have been practicing yoga since year 2002 and have been with Yvette since January 2007. She is the best and most inspiring Yoga teacher we have ever had for our corporate weekly class at BP, and I  feel very blessed and fortunate to have her guide us along a journey of Yoga and a balanced  life style.” ~ Kate Yu Juan

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