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Yoga Classes with Yvette

Hatha Yoga (Basic to Advance)

This class offers a great variety of different asanas (postures) that are combined to give you a full body and mind workout. Beginners may choose a basic or gentle class to start with and with regular and consistent practice, move onto a more challenging and advance class. Hatha Yoga helps to develop a toned and flexible physique, mental and physical awareness and promotes peace, calmness and bliss.

Yoga Balance (Good for all)

Like the name suggests, this is a fun class that focuses on improving overall balance, strength and mind-body coordination. It also helps to sharpen the mind and promotes confidence, grace, will power and poise.


Sun Salutation

(Basic to Advance)

Sun Salutation consists of a sequence of asanas that are great for all ages. Practised regularly, it increases energy levels, stamina, and strength and helps to slow down ageing, balances the hormones, improves digestion and blood circulation, muscle tone, flexibility and relieves joint pains.

Gentle Yoga


Great for beginners or anyone recovering from minor physical ailments. A slow and wonderful class that focuses on loosening stiff joints and muscles and calming the mind through long and deep breathing.

Vinyasa Flow


For the serious energy bunny who loves a fun, challenging and dynamic workout. This class consists of a series of flowing and jumping movements that promote a strong, agile and toned physique, a good cardiovascular system and builds stamina and endurance. You will feel energised and revitalised after the class.

Moon Salutation

(Good for All)

An excellent class that promotes inner wellbeing with ancient yoga techniques that rejuvenates and revitalises all the systems, organs and glands. Helps to relieve migraine, insomnia, asthma, breathing disorders and constipation and slows down ageing.

Yoga Warrior

(Good for All)

Get in shape with Yoga Warrior – a fun class for strengthening your legs, arms and abs! An artistic and unique set of yoga postures and breathing techniques of the Ancient Warriors of India practiced for strength, speed, endurance and mind-power. 

Yoga Stretch

(Good for All)

Great for runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts. Designed for opening the hip, relieving stiffness in the spine, shoulders and legs and improving blood circulation – anyone can enjoy this class. After some warm-up, simply chill-out as we go through some long deep stretches combined with relaxing music and calm slow breathing.

Meditation with Yvette

Guided Meditation Sessions

Yvette conducts regular meditation workshops throughout the year. 

They are conducted in small groups in a warm and comfortable environment and are held in 3 evenings (2 hours each), where you will:

a) gain insights and understanding about your thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns of behavior

b) learn how to kick-start your own meditation practice in your own home without the use of any devices

c) learn how to manage difficult emotions, people and challenging situations in your life

d) Learn how to shift from “reactive mode” to “responsive mode”

Meditation Journey

The beautiful story about the boys that were rescued from a cave in Thailand in 2018 has sparked a worldwide interest in meditation. The story has highlighted some benefits of regular meditation – remaining calm in the midst of stress and adversity, managing one’s anxiety and overcoming fear in times of uncertainty.

Since 2012, Yvette has been giving regular meditation and mindfulness (non-religious) classes and workshops to private individuals, groups and companies. Her corporate clients include Apple, Aviva, Facebook, Rabobank and Uber etc.

Her meditation programs are given through discourses and through guided meditations – where you will gain insights about your mind, emotions and behavioral patterns. You will also be empowered with  pragmatic and highly effective mindfulness techniques that you can practice on your own. These simple techniques can help you to create peace and calmness, overcome anxiety, fear, worry, anger and sadness and develop mental clarity and sharpness.

For private sessions, corporate off-site meetings and workshops, please contact Yvette.

If the timings of the workshops do not suit your schedule, Yvette also gives private meditation sessions to busy individuals.

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