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Testimonials for Corporate Yoga & Meditation Classes

Brooks Entwistle, Chief Business Office, International at Uber

“Yvette has been a fantastic meditation and yoga coach to the Uber APAC Leadership Team Summits and to the Next Generation Leadership Program hosted in Singapore. She is outstanding at what she does, a true pro and a mind changer. Thank you for all you have done for our teams internationally at Uber Yvette!”

Benjamin Tea, Motorola Solutions

“We are very fortunate to have Yvette conduct Mindfulness Workshops at our Motorola Solutions Singapore office. After the first introductory session, we were hooked. Subsequently, we had overwhelming requests for Yvette to run a series of workshops for us. Thank you Yvette for all your teachings and encouragement.”

Karthik Siva, World Renowned Strategist Advisor to Governments

“Yvette is a rare yoga teacher who not only loves yoga but also loves teaching yoga.  Yoga to her is more than a just a job. It is her true calling. And this shows up in her classes!”

Testimonials for Private Yoga Classes

Brooks Entwistle

“Yvette was instrumental in getting me prepared both mentally and physically to attempt Mount Everest in 2014.  On the hike into Everest Base Camp, and while there attempting to climb the mountain, Yvette's yoga stretching and meditation techniques were a critical part of my daily routine. With gratitude.” 

Jeremy Lester, CEO Gulf of Aqaba/NEOM Bay

“You would have to seek far and wide to find anyone with so much passion and serenity. I am blessed to have been one of Yvette’s students and friends”

Pervin Ramanlal

“Yvette is a very dedicated yoga teacher and I always look forward to our one-to-one classes. She is compassionate and caring, and because of my back issues, she always seems to know how much my body can take and how far she can push me. She pays a lot of attention to my needs and challenges me to do my best. Thank you from my heart and God bless always.”

Testimonials for Group Classes

Apsara Oswal

“Yvette is a highly skilled and inspiring teacher and understands her students’ capabilities well. I have been training with her for over 3 years and look forward to every class. I always come out feeling energized, peaceful and motivated.”

Cindy Goh

“Yvette teaches yoga in its purest form – going with the flow and to be in the present moment. She is very knowledgeable and thoughtful during her classes. I highly recommend Yvette for anyone seeking an authentic teacher.”

Yan Mei

“Yvette is a highly skilled, empathetic teacher and a fine person with a wonderful sense of humour! Through her teachings, I have achieved great strength and flexibility. Apart from yoga, Yvette is also one of the rare teachers who is able to incorporate meditation into her classes. She has helped me to see the world from a whole new perspective through her meditation workshop.”

Testimonials for Meditation Classes

Elisabeth Bourdin, Executive Coarch, International Facilitator and Leadership Consultant

“I had the great privilege to learn meditation with Yvette. I truly enjoyed her thoughtful yet pragmatic approach to meditation. She has the ability to give you the bigger picture, to guide you through understanding the benefits of meditation and at the same time to provide you with tools you can use at any time to stay calm. I can only recommend Yvette’s classes”

Audrey McGuckin, Member - Steering Committee of the Strategic Human Resources

“Yvette is one of the most experienced Yoga and Meditation Teachers that I have worked with. Her work in this space is world renowned and she comes from a space of teaching but also has a way of supporting her clients to be accountable. The personal stories that she shares help her clients on their journeys. Thank you Yvette for your wisdom and patience in supporting me with my meditation journey.”

Frederic Tome

“I attended Yvette’s 3-day Mindfulness and Meditation program and it was brilliant. I gained a new perspective of life and living and enjoyed the program immensely. I would highly recommend learning Meditation from Yvette.”

Testimonials for Meditation Classes 

Marilyn Lam

“Yvette is a teacher that teaches from her heart and soul. You can see and feel her dedication and devotion on the subject that she is totally passionate about. Her Meditation workshop is fully interactive and she captured everyone’s full attention at all times. The sessions were also intimate as Yvette shared her own personal life experiences. I would highly recommend this to everyone as I believe that the workshop would benefit them enormously.”

Sherri Williamson

“Yvette is a great Meditation teacher because she takes the time to explain the techniques and spends time with us practicing to ensure that we get it. She is patient and always in good spirits. Yvette is defiantly a good example of meditation working.”


“A teacher has to have the ability to pass on her knowledge to the student in a way that can be grasped as a message and understood. This is not easy but Yvette does it brilliantly as she is an excellent and compassionate teacher. She also takes the time to address other people’s concerns and questions and helps them to overcome their barriers and limitations.”

Corporate Testimonials
Private Yoga Testimonials
Meditation Testimonials
Corporate Recommendations:
“Yvette has helped me immensely to cope with my heavy travel and hectic work schedule. I am very pleased that her weekly yoga sessions bring together 50-60 Aviva staff. We will always be grateful to her for our health and wellbeing and wish her lots more success in making more people’s lives healthier.”
~Nishit Majmudar, CEO, Aviva Ltd
“Yvette has been a fantastic meditation and yoga coach to the Uber APAC Leadership Team Summits and to the Next Generation Leadership Program hosted in Singapore last week. She is outstanding at what she does, a true pro and a mind changer. Thank you for all that you have done for our teams internationally at Uber Yvette!”

~Brooks Entwistle, Chief Business Officer, International at Uber

(Former Goldman Sachs SE Asia Chairman)

“Yvette’s meditation workshop at our office was very well received by our employees. Her style and aura are a perfect combination to run a workshop on this topic – with anecdotes that are real, a soothing and reassuring voice. Yvette manages to strike a chord with her audience with her wry sense of humour. Through this workshop, she managed to inspire us to appreciate the depth and power of meditation; making a very compelling proposition to keep up this practice for life.”

~Shardha Batra

HR Professional, Investment Banking/ Financial Services industry

“We are very fortunate to Yvette for the Mindfulness Workshop in our Motorola Solutions Singapore office. After the first session, we were hooked. We had overwhelming requests for Yvette to run future series of workshops for us. In the midst of our busy lives, it is important for us to set aside time to take care of ourselves. I have learnt so much from Yvette. Thank you for your teachings and encouragement.”

~Benjamin Tea, Asia Pacific Talent Acquisition Lead, Motorola Solutions

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