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Why Meditate?

2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, close to a million people around the world have lost their lives, millions more have lost someone dear to them and others have contracted the virus. At the same time, the world’s economy has suffered together with millions of job cuts. 

As a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of the virus, governments around the world have implemented and enforced social distancing, mask wearing, restricted domestic and international travel and millions of people are now working from their homes. All these unexpected life changes and uncertainties have unfortunately resulted in an increase in mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, sadness, sleeping disorders and suicide rates. At the same time, many relationships have broken down and the incidence of physical and verbal abuse within the family has gone up. Never before in history has the world changed so much in such a short period of time.


This pandemic has highlighted the importance and responsibility of self-care through yoga and meditation. Numerous international research has demonstrated that meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthens the immune system, improve sleep, increases mental sharpness, alertness and clarity and promotes peace and calmness. Long-term meditation practitioners are known to have stronger resilience, an increased ability to remain calm and clear-headed in adversity and to handle difficult people and challenging situations better.

Meditation with Yvette Tee
Yvette Tee

Meditation with Yvette Tee

Learn Meditation with Yvette

Since 2012, Yvette has been giving hundreds of meditation and mindfulness (non-religious) classes and workshops to private individuals, groups and companies. Her private students include global and local heads of industries, entrepreneurs, professional executives and children. Yvette’s corporate clients include Apple, Aviva, DBS, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Motorola Solutions, Rabobank and Uber etc.

Meditation Workshop
This workshop is conducted in a series of 3 to 4 weekly sessions ( 1 to 2  hours each) During these sessions, you will learn:
•    Simple, practical and effective techniques of Meditation (non-religious)
•    How to increase your self-awareness
•    Understand the history and benefits of Meditation 
•    Gain wisdom and insights about how your mind works and how it affects and creates your life experience
•    Gain mastery of your mind
•    How to kick-start your own meditation practice at home and while on the move
•    How to take self-responsibility for your own mental wellbeing

This workshop is great for beginners or anyone who has some meditation practice but who wish to deepen their understanding of meditation.


You can take up this workshop privately with Yvette, organise your own group of friends/ family or in a corporate setting. Yvette also conducts classes via zoom and other online platforms.

Guided Meditation with Yvette (Weekly/ Off-Site/ Online)

Yvette offers regular guided meditation for individuals, groups and/or corporate companies on a weekly basis. This can be done ‘live’ face-to-face and/or online as well as pre-recorded. The guided meditation can be for a duration of 30 to 60 mins and can be tailored to include a short message of the day for specific needs (e.g. off-site meetings/ employee bonding sessions etc.)


Corporate Talks on Mental Wellness

Yvette has successfully conducted numerous corporate talks on mental wellness with international companies, including some of the big four technology companies, DBS, Rabobank, Goldman Sachs and many others.


The topics of the talks include:

  • How to find peace and calmness in today’s world

  • How to find work/life balance

  • Leadership through mindfulness

  • How to increase resilience through mindfulness

  • How to tame my anger through mindfulness

  • How to improve my relationships (personal and work) through mindfulness

  • How to improve sleep through yoga and meditation



“Yvette has been a fantastic meditation and yoga coach to the Uber APAC Leadership Team summits and to the Next Generation Leadership Program hosted in Singapore. She is outstanding at what she does, a true pro and a mind changer. Thank you for all that you have done for our teams internationally Yvette!” ~ Brooks (Uber)


“I had the opportunity to take up private meditation lessons with Yvette. She helped me deepen my knowledge on how to focus better, to take time to slow down my fast-paced life and gave me lots of insights on meditation. It was really effective and provided me with quick wins. I made a huge leap in my practice and mindset towards meditation. Thank you Yvette for your wisdom and kindness. I really enjoyed learning from you.” ~ Fabienne (Entrepreneur)


“A teacher has to have the ability to pass on knowledge to the student in a way that can be grasped as a message and understood. This is not easy but Yvette does it brilliantly as she is an exceptional and compassionate teacher.” ~ Mark (CEO)


“Yvette’s meditation workshop was brilliant and we learnt a lot in such a short span of time. The sessions were filled with stories and pragmatic techniques that can be applied on a day-to-day basis. I have gained a completely new perspective in life and the meditation techniques that she taught are very useful. I felt very comfortable sharing my personal issues and really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend Yvette as a meditation coach.” ~ Frederico (Singapore Cooperation Enterprise)


“A true Guru – both for the body and the soul. I learnt meditation from Yvette and it was a wonderful journey. She gives you concepts and techniques that are easy to use and grasp and they stay with you for a long time.” ~ Mohit (Financial Industry)


“We were very fortunate to have Yvette conduct our Mindfulness Workshops at Motorola Solutions in Singapore. After the first introductory session, we were all hooked. Subsequently, we had overwhelming requests for Yvette to run further workshops for us. Thank you Yvette for all your teaching and encouragement.” ~ Benjamin (Motorola Solutions)

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